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Services Offered

Basic Cleaning (weekly, every other week, monthly)

  • -Kitchen (includes cleaning counters, top of stove, behind, underneath, outside of all appliances, inside of microwave)
  • -Floors (vacuuming carpeted areas, sweeping, microfiber sweep, mopping of hardwood, tile areas)
  • -Bathrooms (sanitizing and cleaning of toilets, cleaning of showers and bathtubs (not re-grouting or deep grout cleaning) cleaning and shining faucets, cleaning counter tops, mirrors)
  • -Dusting (Swiffer dusting of knick knacks, wood furniture, electronics, window seals)(we will wet dust certain wood items per request no charge)
  • -Dusting of ceiling fan blades (rotated cleaning/done 1st clean always)
  • -Empty trash cans (and replace with clean bags)
  • -Baseboards around toilet area  (as needed)
  • -Windows Seals (rotated cleaning/done 1st clean always)
  • -Cob Web Removal (rotated cleaning/done 1st cleaning always) 

We do not offer de-cluttering or organization unless it is a hoarder case (which takes extensive prep and hiring).  

We do not wash windows at this time (franchises charge a considerable extra amount for windows, most of our clients do not want it). We do them on some entry and back doors however, they are not a regular part of service.  And are rotated every so many cleans. 

 Green Cleaning available upon request (additional charge may apply)

Deep Cleaning (parts of these may be added to basic clean at additional rate) (Homes, Beach Homes, Apartments)

  • -Everything listed in Basic Cleaning
  • -Wipe down baseboards
  • -Dusting ceiling fan blades (must be reachable)
  • -Cob Web Removal
  • -Window Seal Cleaning
  • -Cleaning door frames
  • -Cleaning Doors
  • -Fridges will
  • -Scrub outside of kitchen and bath room cabinets
  • -Ovens at a additional rate. Deep Cleans and Make Readys only.
  • -Entry door windows inside and out. (deep cleans only)
  • De-cluttering and organization is offered on estate and hoarding cleans only.  

-Sorry we no longer do mini blinds or shutters (they take too long and would add to much to a client's fee)

-We also do not change bed sheets and bedding.  We will make beds. 

-We do not do large hanging light fixtures of any kind. Clean at your own risk (Generally, should be removed and either hand washed or dish washed).

-Also read our FAQ's and About Us to learn more about Tex Pro Cleaning!

Service Areas

Beaumont and Lumberton Texas


This is what our recurring clients say about Debi Does Houses (our East Texas name!!!)

Mar 21, 2012 by Cheryl Debi does my house twice a month and I love it! The 1st time I saw her work, my thought's were "it sparkles!" and it does. She's on time, trustworthy, and you sure get your money's worth!

March 10, 2012 by Cliff Debi came in and cleaned a place that needed it badly... It looked clean and new after she was done! Debi was professional in scheduling and being prompt and on time!

April 13,2012 by Jodie G I was so happy and my house looked great! Debi sees us twice a month on time!

May 31, 2012 by Robert My house always looks great and smells fantastic after Debi and Larry are done!

July 2012 by Rob F They are among the best cleaners we've ever had!! They pet sit as well!

Dec 2012 by Kim G Thank you for doing a great job on my house!!

March 2013 by M You did such a great job!! No wonder you are highly recommended!!

May 2013 by B Great job on our house! Absolutely no issues with our cleanings!

July 2013 by Jac
Larry and Debi have provided full housecleaning services on a weekly basis. They do it all, all rooms, vacuuming, dusting, all floors.

Am very well satisfied with the work ethic displayed. They are focused and get the job done in a timely manner. Am also pleased with their outgoing personalities. Enjoy the time they are here.

 Feb 2014 by Sharon My house looked fabulous!  Thank you so very much!  So happy that I found you guys!

Feb 2014 by Callan Everything looked great!  It was so nice to come home to a shiny clean home.  I thought the stainless steel in the kitchen looked AWESOME.  I haven't been able to get it that clean, ever.

March 2014 by Carianne You guys did a great job, and everything was nice and clean! 

Call Us at 903-746-3683 for a free estimate! We give discounts for recurring bi-weekly and weekly cleans!